Install the Stand-alone RDP Classifier

If you want to use the RDP Classifier without installing all of the RDPTools, you can install the stand-alone RDP Classifier available on Sourceforge. At the time of this writing the latest version is 2.14 written in 2023 and contains the No. 19 training set. The classifier is a java application and so can be run on any platform that has a java installed. Check that you have java installed by opening a terminal and entering:

java -version

If java is installed, this command will return the information about the version installed. If it does not, use your browser to search for java installation instructions for your operating system and install java.

If/after java is installed, download the RDP classifier by going to and clicking on the Download button. Install the program by unzipping the downloaded file to your C drive. Then the RDP classifier will be installed in the directory rdp_classifie_2.14 on your C: drive and the path to the jar file will be C:/rdp_classifier_2.14/dist/.  You can then run the examples on the  stand-alone RDP Classifier tutorial page without having to edit the path to the jar file.